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A difficulty that we often face is adhering to strict federal and state guidelines that dictate responsible preservation, life safety, and sound architectural practices. These guidelines can be very complex and involved without the help of a knowledgeable advisor. Our team of experts are able to transform the complexity of these practices into functioning, intuitive, and user-friendly formats.

Our clients can easily navigate these guidelines using our hand-crafted, interactive PDF documents that guide users step-by-step through each phase. Whether it be creating linear, choice-based pathways or labyrinthine, multi-branching procedures, we transform the complicated into the concise.

Documents such as our Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Interactive Roadmap guide the user to ensure that no important steps are missed on the way. This particular document highlights the stages involved in determining whether a project is eligible to receive tax credits and then directs users through the application process. The Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Interactive Roadmap uses a straightforward, single-choice interface and a clickable flow chart that can lead users to any step in the progression.


Mills Group’s technology pipeline utilizes some of the most cutting-edge devices and software on the market today. From the project kick-off to the finished product, our services add unmatched speed, accuracy, and hyper-realism.