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Animation & Video

Animation & Video

Mills Group specializes in hand-crafted videos and project-related graphic packages that create a complete visual experience for our clients. Custom voice-over and narration, info-graphics, special effects, and soundtracking are all woven together in a cohesive package that can help illustrate the story behind the project and create a believable vision of what could be. Our video capabilities include utilizing both DSLR cameras (digital single-lens reflex) and GoPros to capture HD imagery and silky smooth video at ultra-high resolutions.

Our animation workflow starts with our accurate 3D models being integrated into our motion software. The software allows us to add a realistic atmosphere through the use of landscape plants, water effects, sunlight and weather, and moving people and traffic among other entourage assets. We create a visual storyline through scene scripting and wireframes to direct our in-program cameras to track. After perfecting the story, recording our scenes, and stitching the clips together seamlessly, we then overlay special effects, music, and narration to create a complete experience for our clients.


Mills Group’s technology pipeline utilizes some of the most cutting-edge devices and software on the market today. From the project kick-off to the finished product, our services add unmatched speed, accuracy, and hyper-realism.