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B&O Depot- Oakland

B&O Depot- Oakland

A historic former B&O Railroad Station (built in 1884), constructed with brick masonry exterior bearing walls, was completely restored.

The restoration included repointing, cleaning and sealing the brick masonry; the existing partial slate and shingle roofing was removed and a new slate roof with terne-coat stainless flashings was installed; all exterior architectural wood exposed roof rafters and overhang with brackets was stripped of paint and repainted; all wood windows (generally double hung with stained glass upper sash) were stripped of paint, repaired/restored or rebuilt; all wood panel doors were stripped of paint, repaired/restored and rehung with new hardware.

Interior work included stripping, sanding and refinishing wood floors and the repair of the plaster walls and ceilings; the basement was cleared of debris, partially excavated and a new concrete slab poured.

The site development includes demolition of various site amenities including a new stamped asphalt parking area, new brick paved sidewalks and landscape features such as site lighting and furniture were included along with new utilities.

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Project Info

  • Location: Oakland, MD
  • Client: Town of Oakland, MD
  • Cost: $1,100,000
  • Services: Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Administration